Ripple is a leader in Patent based research and prosecution services, and IP consulting. We look for a couple of basic traits - passion for technology, and passion for IP and its strategic impact on technology businesses. Of course, you need to be fun loving and enthusiastic. Working at Ripple is fun and challenging - you are surrounded by people who are inspired and love what they do, and work on innovation every day - something new, that may be the next big thing.

Just like we are customer centric, we are also people centric. We are clear that happy customers are a product of happy people in the company. At the same time we are also clear that we exist for delivering value to our customers.

If the above is something you'd like to be a part of, write to us at

Open Positions

1. Patent Associate - NCR Delhi - Computer Science 

2. Interns - NCR Delhi - Computer Science - MCA, experience in website design, web based tool designs