Patent Research

Searches form the basic building block for most IP efforts. One of the most important examples is a Novelty Search to identify novelty of an idea or technology, by searching through patent literature as well as non patent literature. It is critical to identify the most relevant references, and the matching aspects to ascertain, for example, patentability of an innovative idea. Searches may also be conducted to identify if one's product feature potentially infringes on existing patents, or if a invalidating prior art references exist for a granted patent.

While every customer's requirements are different, and we take such requirements in to account before engaging, most search efforts may classified as:

 - Basic State of the Art Search
 - Comprehensive State of the Art Search
  - USPTO Accelerated Exam Search
 - Invalidity Search
 - Clearance (FTO) Search

Our search strategies include searching patent databases, non patent literature databases and open internet.