Engaging Us

Engagement Methodology

We build solutions around our customers, by developing an understanding of customer’s needs and processes, thereby delivering long term, built-to-last engagements.

Our engagements are typically in the following modes:

  – Extended in-house IP team
  – Project based engagements

Other engagement modes may be worked out depending on the specific requirements.

Service Philosophy

We are committed to delivering value for our clients by providing world class patent research and prosecution services. One of our fundamental beliefs is that true value can be delivered by long term engagements, providing the opportunity to understand the business and technology of our customers, enabling us to bring forth our IP expertise in a strong manner.
We are very sensitive to customer feedback, and constantly strive to fine tune our services/ solutions to match our customers’ need. A philosophy we borrow from the Six Sigma methodology. We typically invest a large amount of effort in setting up processes at the beginning of an engagement (through a pilot phase) to stabilize communication, work flow and quality and feedback matrices. This effort and focus ties up with our belief of having long term customers who we can serve to the best of our abilities.