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A pebble dropped in a pond creates ripples that are long lasting and far‑reaching, an IP action (or inaction) causes long lasting and far reaching ripples in the business realm.

Ripple is a technology focused intellectual property (IP) consulting company. We are unique in our ability to deliver strong IP prosecution as well as patent analytics based strategic IP consulting for our clients. We maximize their ability to innovate and compete by broadening the IP footprint of innovation, create strong IP rights, and set up cutting edge innovation and IP processes.

Our people bring strong technology backgrounds from among the best institutions in the country, and a track record of delivery to companies ranging from Fortune 10 technology organizations, global energy companies, software and Internet companies, and startups across diverse technology fields. Looking for Cheap Patent Law Firms in USA. Ripple IP is one of the well known Patent law firms in California USA. our clients have reviewed us as the best patent law firms in US

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rIPple’s team consists of 18 practitioners – based in US and India, engineering or science graduates and postgraduates well-trained  in IP laws in the US, India, PCT and using research & analysis to extract and create valuable IP

About the speaker

Praveer Gupta

Praveer has nearly two decades of experience with IP matters across the globe. He is highly experienced in hi-tech patent prosecution, and leveraging patent and trademark research for Business and Innovation insights.

Prior to starting rIPple in 2006, Praveer developed frameworks for patent portfolio evaluation for licensing and acquisition; trained several patent agents and analysts and prosecuted patents on GE’s core innovations; led the in-house IP Consulting Cell for GE Consumer & Industrial lab at GE Corporate Research in Bangalore; and was a Technology Strategy advisor to the CEO of Sarnoff Corporation, known as one of the brain trusts of the US along with Bell Labs and SRI.

Praveer has been instrumental in a successful patent opposition in India against a global Internet major company, and in creating a US patent portfolio that was sold to a Silicon Valley company.

Praveer is a registered US Patent Practitioner and holds a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Well-known in the IP circles in India, Praveer was featured on the cover of India Today Aspire in 2012 featuring IP as a career path for aspirants having a technical degree.


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Extensive expertise in drafting and prosecuting over 1,000 patent applications for startups to fortune 10 companies, to patents that have been sold to companies in the Silicon Valley. Defensive publications to protect trivia IP. Global trademark and copyright application preparation and prosecution, including Madrid filings

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Patents Search & Analysis

Trademark watches

Over 100,000 hours of patent analytics experience (landscapes, licensing studies) in finding answers and insights to enable strategy and business decisions. Freedom to Operate, Invalidation and Infringement Studies. Custom Patent & Trademark watches to keep you aware of your competition.

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