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Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Patent Preparation Support

A quality Patent Application needs to meet many exacting standards. Our primary emphasis is on the understanding of US Patent Laws, and our customer’s technology to enable us to meet and exceed these standards. Coupled to this is our customer-centric engagement approach, where we account for every attorney’s distinct style of work and preferences, to minimize the learning curve, and being productive from the first project. Our patent preparation expertise is bolstered by our strong experience in Patent Prosecution support.   

High standards that we maintain are consistent with the quality of patent application filings at the primary patent offices, including US Patent Office, PCT, European Patent Office and India Patent Office.

Patent Prosecution Support

A good quality patent application needs an even better prosecution. Our team members have received in house and external trainings in US Patent laws and practices. Patent law training and strong focus on technology understanding enables us to help attorneys in preparing high quality responses to the US Patent Office Actions.

Our extensive experience in preparing Office Action Responses also extends to prosecution with the India Patent Office, where our US approach enables prosecution that does leverages both IP law and technology merits to strengthen the claims.